Also Minnath and Dharamanath are children of  Machindranath

They are supposed to be the reincarnath of Bhagwan Narayan in Kaliyug. Lord Krishna directed them to reincarnate in Kaliyug . As per his direction,

Kavi Narayan                 as     Machindranath
Hari Narayan                 as     Gorakshanath
Antariksha Narayan       as     Jalandharnath
Prabuddha Narayan       as     Kanifnath
Pipalayan Narayan        as     Charpatinath
Avirhotra  Narayan        as     Nagesh nath
Drumila  Narayan          as     Bhartarinath
Chamas  Narayan          as     Revannath.
“Karbhajan Narayan”    as     Gahininath.

The main aim of Navnath's life was to create Shabari Mantras for the welfare of masses.These 9 saints or Prophets are believed to be immortal. Their 84 disciples preached the Nath sampradaya and to day it is very popular.

Navnath Bhaktisar was actually written by Guru Gorakshanath and translated into marathi by Malu Narhari kavi in 1741.It contains 40 chapters and 7600 stanzas( oovis).  It is belivied to wipe out sorrows and bring happiness.

Jai Guru, Jai Navnath !
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